September/October 2017 Newsletter

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2s with Mrs. Delgado

September marks the end of our first month back at school. It’s been so nice getting to know our youngest students and their families at our Weekday picnic, back to school night and also in our classroom. The two year olds are getting used to our schedule and are having fun making new friends.

September brings our usual back to school topics including the color red, apples, our families and ourselves.  Next month is one of my favorite months to teach. I can’t wait for October to move on to the color orange, the change of seasons, fire safety, pumpkins, Halloween and the Day of the Dead. It’ll be fun!    We’ve also really enjoyed having dance class with Miss Shona.  I can’t believe that we are off to such a smooth start!  As always feel free to reach to me with any questions.

Toddler Playgroup, starts October 3rd.

Coming soon on October 3rd!  This program follows a typical preschool morning, with free play, songs, snack, art and gym, but in a toddler-sized schedule. Designed for children ages between 18 and 26 months and their caregiver, the class provides an environment that allows the child and caregiver to socialize and explore – A gentle introduction to the preschool world. Tuesdays, 9:00-10:30. $120 for a 12 week session. Contact Liz to register.

3s with Ms. Mew

In September we concentrated on new routines, singing songs, making new and welcoming old friends, getting to know our classrooms and school/friendship rules.  We made attendance puppets, did a painting of ourselves in the art room. We started our discussion about friendship/school rules. We discussed how we behave in school and the rules to being a good friend. We agreed, promised and sealed it with our hand-print.

We will be reviewing: shapes and colors. We did wonderful “dot” paintings, inspired by the book “The Dot”. You will also start to see your child practicing on their fine motor skills more. Fine motor skills entail small movements with the wrist, hands and fingers. You may see during free play children picking up marbles with the tweezers, practice with lacing, lego blocks (putting them together and taking them apart) or any of the games where we practice cutting with scissors, following the line with our crayons, markers and applying glue to a certain spot. All these exercises will help with their handwriting in the future.

New Friday Multiage Class

If you are considering an additional day for your child, Weekday is now offering a Friday morning Multiage Class with Ms. Mew. See Liz if you are interested in switching days or adding days.

4s with Mrs. Lehrer

We are off to a great start! The children have been getting acquainted with each other, as well as with the schedule and rules. Our most important rule is Be Nice to Your Friends. That rule encompasses so much, and encourages the children to use their words to share, use their manners for more, listen when others speak and talk about their feelings.

The children love the dress up clothes! We can always find them changing characters and imagining a whole new world. We have painted with brushes and with hands. We have counted the days of the week, the months of the year, and how many days of school. We will soon begin tracing our bodies and dressing them. It is always fun to see the giant Me on the wall.

We will start to look at the ocean and its creatures. I like to do this now while the summer and the ocean is fresh in our minds. It will also get us ready for our field trip to the pet store for a class fish. We will begin Letter of the Week and daily jobs. Show and Tell will remain on Thursdays, as well as many field trips. Look for information about the park, the pet store and the fire department. And does anyone have an apple tree with apples? Picking apples is one of our favorite activities, but there seems to be problem with the local trees. Everyone loves to pitch in! I love their enthusiasm. Let the learning begin!


MONDAYS, Soccer 12 wks Oct 2 to Dec 18, $240

TUESDAYS, Science 6 weeks Oct 3 to Nov 7, $120

TUESDAYS, Art 6 weeks Nov 15 to Dec 19, $120

WEDNESDAYS Yoga 12 wks Oct 4 to Dec 20, $24

THURSDAYS Gymnastics 9 weeks Oct 5 to Dec 14 (no class Nov 9, 23, Dec 21) $180