At Weekday Cooperative Preschool, we believe preschool education should all areas of child development: social, emotional, physical and cognitive. The children choose activities based on their interest, while the teacher provides games and activities to use those interests for learning. Art, games and toys are used for counting, measuring, drawing, writing, cooperation and sharing. While it may look like the children are just playing, they are learning valuable skills aimed at preparing the children for the kindergarten setting.


It is important to us that each parent gets involved in the classroom at least once a month with activities in the classroom. Research has shown that parent involvement at the preschool age promotes language, reading skills, interaction with others and feelings of positive self-worth in a child. Parents bring the warmth of reading a story, the surprise at the end of a song, the praise at a job well done. Every child is excited when someone from his/her family stays at school to help and play.


Parents choose Weekday Cooperative Preschool because it offers:

  • An academic curriculum woven into the fabric of the everyday schedule.
  • A loving and safe environment where the children develop at their own pace.
  • Opportunities for social interaction and discovery of new things.
  • A hands-on approach for the best and most lasting way a child can learn.
  • Confidence and learning in small, respectful classrooms.
  • Parents the chance to participate in their child’s school experience.
  • FUN! FUN! FUN!